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About Us

Catalyst of change

We are passionate as artists, number-oriented as financiers, processes oriented as engineers, results-driven as project managers and we are human!

Why? Because we strongly believe that leaders should be like that.

Business Model, Design Thinking, User Experience, Analytics and Brand Advocacy

Simplicity, Respect, Integrity, Assertiveness, Challenger

A C-Level international Marketing and Strategy professional, Laurent Bouty brings his 20 years of international experience in Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Leadership. He has a broad Marketing experience (from Marketing Strategy to Communication) including latest trends like analytics, social networks and mobile gained in Telecommunication, Advertising and Financial sector. Laurent has a strong marketing execution orientation in highly complex industries through team development and best practices implementation.

Laurent is Academic Director at Solvay Brussels School for the Advanced Master in Creativity and Marketing. He is also professor of Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Marketing Execution in different programs.