A Return to Simplicity, Empathy and Imperfection in Communication

For building a HEROES Marketing, you need to be human (H for Human). Please find below an extract of an article from Brian Solis on this subject.

Speaking Human

Why can’t we make it simple for people to understand what we’re selling, so they can more easily share their experiences and the value they felt with others? More importantly, why is it that what we’re marketing most often does not align to actual consumer experiences?

A Human Approach: Social Sensory Marketing

Human Sensory Building means connecting marketing to our most basic human sensory system. The more you can map what you’re communicating to these senses, the deeper and more meaningful your connections will be.

Customers are Fickle Humans

Customers, as humans, are fickle and are so empowered today that they expect extraordinary, over-the-top experiences that rock their world. Nothing less will do. Gone are the days where feedback was kept quiet and experiences were collected around a review form.

Becoming Better Storytellers

Storytelling is a great way to communicate how you feel, or how you want your audience to feel. A story helps us understand how things fit into our individual experiences and gives us context to make decisions. Stories add the color, personality and relevance about what you’re trying to sell.

source: Original article: A Return to Simplicity, Empathy and Imperfection in Communication: Human to Human #H2H.

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