Graduation Ceremony at Solvay Brussels School on 10 October 2015

Please find below an extract of my speech during the graduation ceremony of our Advanced Master @SolvayBrusselsSchool.

You are graduating today from our Advanced Master at Solvay Brussels School and it is an important moment in your life! It is also an important moment for our countries and our society because Creative Leaders are our future growth engine.

Mr. Romer, a 59-year-old professor at Stanford University, says ideas and technological discoveries are the driving engines of economic growth. Prosperity depends on Ideas

Ideas become Goods and we are manufacturing ideas. Ideas are expensive to produce but they are cheap, almost costless, to reproduce.

And you are ideas manufacturers.

The question we can ask ourselves is the following: What is more important? Creative industries or Creative Workers?

In a study, they found the overall connection between creative firms and innovation to be "weaker than expected." Creative businesses were not more likely to incorporate "learned" innovations pioneered elsewhere. We can take the advertising agencies as an example of highly creative industries which had difficulties to adapt organically to innovations like use of internet.

According to the same study, creative workers were a "significant driver of product innovations overall" and a "key driver of learnt process innovations." In other words, workers in creative occupations across all industries were essential in spreading innovative processes and products around the economy, as they introduced learned innovations to other firms.

The message is clear: The focus should be on more creative workers and not on creative industries for growth.

And you are these creative workers. Humble, Curious and Ready to Fail. You are the growth engine of our countries.

It is the start of your long and prosperous journey. And Solvay Diploma is now with you during this fantastic adventure.

Congratulations to you, but also to your family and friends for being here and having supported you during this year.

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