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Marketing job is probably the most exciting job you can have in a company (I know I am biased). This is also a very challenging role as you lead the discussion for defining the commercial strategy and you are accountable to deliver it (show me the money). In this turbulent period with a lot of new changes (societal, technological, environmental,…), it is not so easy to know what to do. I have developed a process that, at least, helps me to take these decisions and you might be interested to discover it.

New rules

The world is more complex (at least it is my personal perception) and some people are qualifying our world as VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambiguous). In this context, projecting the future is certainly more difficult. A second external factor influencing the role of the marketer is the increasing importance of design methodology.

Design Thinking terms have been used (even over-used) in all companies in the hope of facilitating collaboration and internal co-creation. This approach is challenging the classical approach for building a Marketing Plan which was historically more sequential and less collaborative.

Finally, being more visual in the way we do things becomes a necessity for catching the attention.

The Marketing Canvas aims to simplify the Marketing Planning exercise (with a strong Design Thinking mindset) as the Business Model Canvas did for the Strategic exercise. Their are both deeply inter-connected because Marketing should perfectly fit with Corporate Direction.


How Marketing Canvas and Business Model Canvas are interconnected

You will notice that I kept 2 specific dimensions which are Value Propositions and Revenue Streams from the Business Model.

7 lenses


We are living in the Human Era. It is essential to start your Marketing Strategy from the human when you look at your marketing activities.

By design, we start with jargons and words that nicely fit with excel but are totally bypassing the human reality like market, segment, market share, customers, ...

Instead, you should find the human who did business with your company. Who is your customer? a man, a woman, living where, doing what, hoping for what,... They have feelings, emotions, pains, needs, hopes and you should understand it as they will be instrumental when developing your strategy.

Start from there and then compute the numbers. Meet them, talk to them, watch them, observe them , ...


Human Lense in Marketing Canvas


Your Brand is your only protection against commoditisation.

It is not a logo or a tag line, It is your IDEOLOGY (your big why you are in business).

It is your focal point when building your global strategy and it is your umbrella for all Marketing actions. So, practically, what should you do? Well, it is quite simple: Stay consistent with what you are! Be congruent with your ideology. Yes, what I am saying is just walk the talk. In reality, companies are composed by different persons who rapidly could have a personal interpretation of what the brand is or could take decisions which will have an influence on the brand (without having knowing or recognising it). Progressively, products are launched, promotions are executed, reorganisation, transformation of your processes and many other actions which could (if not correctly orchestrated) jeopardise your brand perception. And remember:

Brands are defined by what consumers say to each other about them, not what a brand says to consumers

Value Proposition

a believable collection of the most persuasive reasons people should notice you and take the action you’re asking for.”


It is not about Place, Access, or Channel. It is about People Perspective and Interactions.


It is no more advertising only (Promotion, Educate). It is about conversation: collaboration, content and dialogue.


It is your marketing constraint.


All the elements above should connect with Revenue on the short and long term.

It is not really important where you start because at the end all elements should be connected and in harmony.

Visual Presentation

In the presentation below, you will find a more detailed presentation of these lenses and the Marketing Canvas. Feel free to comment as I strongly believe in co-creation.


How To Build A Marketing Plan from Laurent Bouty

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