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About this Workshop

This is two days workshop will teach you how to design a Marketing Plan and how to use this process for your project. This process is based on our MARKETING CANVAS and will guide you through to what we believe are the most important lenses for analysing your commercial activities. These are lenses used by practicing marketers in their day to day jobs; in this workshop, we'll use those same skills in the context of your situation (or a fictitious one).

What Will I Learn

During this workshop, you'll learn an overview of the process use to design Marketing Plans:

  • Understand why we should do a marketing plan
  • Understand the link between financials and marketing activities
  • Use our Marketing Canvas for building your plan
  • Uncover brakes and accelerators of your growth
  • Align your team around a common language
  • Have fun when designing a plan

I've never done this before.

No problem. This aggressively-paced workshop is intended for anyone interested in extending their skill set into the realm of Marketing Planning. Previous attendees have included marketers, entrepreneurs, product managers and people who should work/collaborate with marketers. All levels of marketing ability are welcome, even people who have never done this before. The only pre-requisite is passion. There are limited participant seats, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

About the facilitator

Laurent Bouty is a C-Level Marketing Professional with more than 20 years professional experiences in startups, SME and large corporations (listed on NASDAQ). Laurent comes with a no-non sense approach as he would do in his CMO function. He has a broad Marketing experience (from Marketing Strategy to Communication) including latest trends like growth hacking, analytics, social networks and mobile gained in Telecommunication, Advertising and Financial sector. Laurent has a strong marketing execution orientation (less talk more action) gained in large and complex projects but also from the entrepreneurial approach.

Laurent is also Academic Director at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, responsible of an Advanced Master in Creativity and Marketing. Laurent teaches Strategy and Corporate Governance, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Execution and Go-to-Market in different academic programs.


Rethinking Marketing

In a group conversation, we will examine the origins of Marketing, how global trends are influencing the marketing functions, why old approach might not work anymore and define a framework for building a Marketing Plan.

Rules of the Game

In the first session, we will understand how to start from the financial objectives and constraints and how to link it with commercial objectives. We will understand how to generate revenue growth with commercial actions.

7 Lenses

7 lenses method for the Marketing Canvas

As we understand what we need to achieve, we will look at our commercial activities through our 7 lenses model: Human, Brand, Value Propositions, Journey, Conversations, Costs and Revenue Streams. We will identify for each lense current situation of your business and connect all the dots.

Brakes and Accelerators

In this section, We will identify what are brakes and accelerators for your growth. What if? What can be changed? Applying PO concept (Provocative Operation). Examples of succesful companies will be used for inspiring you when you are designing your own strategy.

Roadmap & Budget

In this section, all actions identified during the previous sections will be consolidated into a roadmap with SMART objectives. As we have started our day with the financial objectives, this roadmap will be linked (by design) with our financial objectives defined when we started our project.

Reflection and Share-out

As we conclude the workshop, we'll reflect on the methods we've covered, and share the results of each plan with the group. And, we'll foster a discussion about the marketing planning exercise, and discuss the challenges facing marketers and other commercial professionals in further embracing these methods and systems in the future.